I love your playful attitude , but more importantly your style helps me to embrace the process of moving towards where I happen to be going that day.


I’m so grateful for class today with you. I learned so many new things, and I am going to try to reacclimate my body to this way of moving.

Vivian K

Class today was such fun and I think everyone enjoyed it. For my part, I felt a great sense of having used the right amount of effort which gave me a real feeling of achievement without over-reaching myself.

Denise H

Every time I come away with something new to think about and hopefully I am starting to incorporate it all a bit more. Anyway, I am loving it as ever and I really appreciate your little pat on the back. You are a fantastic instructor!

Lori H

You know just how to ‘push’ us the right amount so we can achieve more.

Tim & Richard